I Like You

In the midst of filming a documentary on love and relationships, director Trace William Cowen slips into a state of existential panic. Abandoning the project to focus on a new relationship in his own life, Trace begins questioning his own views on love, lust, and the importance of human connection.

Featuring music from Like Clockwork, Troubled By Insects, Stereo Then Video, Trace William Cowen, Mike Zilla, Achievement House, and more.

Written & Directed by Trace William Cowen

Starring Trace William Cowen, Hannah Cooper, Melissa Olson, Daniel Schultz, Sarah Dean, Michael Hardin, Keslie Watts, Jason Wright, Phoebe Nale, Heather Marie Olsen

In Chapter 3 of Trace William Cowen’s film series I Like You, artists Melissa Olson and Daniel Schultz discuss the unique beauty of a largely computer-based relationship, and its growth from digital to actual.

music by Achievement House, Troubled By Insects, and Trace William Cowen

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